love_reading Simply stated, what is the Mystery?

I enjoy a good mystery. Give me a PD James novel and I can be lost for days in the unexpected twists and turning pages. Agatha Christie always keeps me enthralled with her dry British humor and bright well-developed characters, the surprise endings that I never guess. My wife actually got me started, Sharon is a voracious reader, always with at least one going, sometimes staying up half the night. Lately she has been seen reading just a part of an “Aggie”; a few pages that fell out of a thoroughly used paperback. She had read it many times but could never remember the ending!

In my opinion, the best mysteries are logical with the facts presented and in plain sight. They are populated by quirky but real characters caught up in complicating life circumstances, living in some ordinary but enjoyably foreign place. You find yourself going along, following a certain thread that seems to have promise and BAM... that door is slammed shut or there is another door that has been there all along but hidden. Not so obvious perhaps but clearly visible if you change your perspective. A surprise conclusion that is still somehow intuitive, all the facts were there; you knew it but you didn’t see it.

The apostle Paul writes in his letter to the church in Colossae about a mystery that he has been laboring to uncover, “suering” to reveal the truth; hoping earnestly to spread the good news. He is enthusiastic about the fruit of his message even though he is likely writing from prison in Rome. Yet he is willing to continue, to clarify, to encourage and to explain something; “a mystery that has been hidden for ages and generations”.

Like any good story, you have to dig in and learn about the circumstances, the people, their motives and agendas, the parallel stories, the story purpose and conclusions. And like any really good mystery there are life applications; the fruit of making the truth your own.

The Mystery revealed... Colossians 1:25-29

Some additional passages to consider:

Ephesians 1:9-12, 17-20 John 14:20-21,15:1-18 Gal 5, John 14:25-27

Hope you enjoy this unfolding mystery as much as I do!