Check-in starts at 3pm on Friday. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and shown to your room. If you'd like to arrive earlier than 3pm, feel free to spend time on the beach or enjoy a walk through the forest.

You'll spend Friday evening enjoying a nice dinner, greeting old (and new) friends and preparing your heart by spending time praying and worshiping in the chapel.

3 - 6pm: Registration

6 - 7:30: Dinner

7:30 - 9pm: Introductions

9pm - 10pm: Praise and worship

10pm: Enter the silence.

Saturday From Friday evening after worship, until the time we gather for lunch at 1pm on Saturday, you will be asked to remain silent. A self-serve breakfast will be provided on Saturday morning.

1:00 - 2:30: Lunch and table discussions

2:30 - 4:30: Our final period of silence

4:30 - 5:30: Men's and Women's discussion groups

5:30 - 7pm: Free time (talking permitted!)

7pm - 7:45: Dinner

7:45 - 10:00: Bonfire praise and worship followed by dessert


8:30: Group sharing time, worship and communion

10am: Famous Blessings Brunch

11am: Clean Up

Noon: Group photo, Good byes